The Board of Directors is elected by the membership from among active members of the Club at the Annual Meeting each August. Four (odd years) or five (even years) Board members are elected each year for a two-year term. The officers of the Club – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer – are elected by the Board from among its members annually. No Director or Officer shall serve more than three consecutive two-year terms in office.

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2020-21 Board of Directors

Responsibility Name Term Expires Contact Information
President Rick May 2021 (3rd term)


Vice President Anastasia Gleenie 2022 (2nd term)
Treasurer Mark Peterson 2021 (2nd term)
Secretary Pam Marsh 2021 (1st term)
Membership Viki Manley 2022 (1st term)
Teams Debbie Fimple 2021 (1st term)
Social Devon Parish 2021 (2nd term)
Grounds Chris West 2022 (1st term)
Communication Kim Montgomery 2021 (2nd term)