Josh Batchelder

I would love to serve VV because the community has been an essential part of our family’s lives over the last 10 years. We have had great experiences like 4th of July celebrations and nights grilling dinner, made life-long friendships, and watched our children grow and blossom with wonderful friends, big and little buddies and coaches. We believe in the community and sportsmanship first principals the coaches demonstrate and teach on the teams. I would be willing to serve the board in any capacity. I have spent my career in corporate banking and corporate finance, have an MBA and Chartered Financial Analyst designation, run a real estate portfolio company “on the side”, and serve on my church board, including the finance committee.

Kari Campbell

We have been members of VV for 6 years, and I grew up coming to VV as a child. I am most interested in joining the board as a social co-chair. My most relevant experience was on the Friends of Manual Board where I helped plan their biggest fundraiser, an annual breakfast with over 250 people. In addition to this experience, I was the social coordinator for the swim team at Virginia Vale this past summer (organizing the age group events). I have been the room mom for two of my kid’s classrooms, organizing parent pot lucks, field trips, sending out weekly emails for the teachers and generally helping with whatever the teachers needed. In addition, my day to day life as a mom of 3 kids requires constant social coordination and organization!

My family and I have loved every year at Virginia Vale and have benefitted from everyone’s hard work. We have enjoyed the teams (my older two kids have been on the swim team since we joined and I have participated in masters), the grounds, the social events and generally having access to such a wonderful community. I recognize that all of this requires hard work by many people, and I would love to give back and contribute to a place I love so much. With all 3 of my kids (finally!) in school full time this year, and me only working one morning a week, I believe I will have the time and energy to put into the social chair position.  

Kevin Flaherty

I have been a member of VV for 7 years. I have 20+ years of experience in Information Technology Consulting and problem solving for client-based solutions. I also volunteer as a Little League Baseball Coach. I wish to join the Board at VV in order to ensure the longevity and viability of the facilities and to support the continued success of the VV Aquatic Teams. I have entertained throwing my name in the hat for several years and now seems to be a good time.

Greta Swanson

I have been a member of VV for 6 years. I am a teacher by trade, having taught almost 20 years in the classroom and two years online. I am a people person, organized, and able to work with many different kinds of personalities. I am interested in serving as a social co-chair as I probably should be a party planner in my next life. I LOVE helping plan parties and executing them. And frankly, I am good at it. I can host a party with ease or help plan an event without batting an eyelash. My friend ran for DPS board last year and I was his event planner.

My kiddos both do swim team. I really enjoy watching the kids of all ages interact, help each other and support each other. I would like to help with social events because I would like to invest in the community at VV. I think it is a pretty special place and we are so honored to be a part of it. I would like to give back and push VV forward in whatever capacity it needs.