Food Trucks!!!

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This year we are excited to have food trucks at the pool!

We have a new concrete pad within the grounds by the playground that will allow food trucks to sell food safely within the pool grounds.
We have teamed up with Truckster, a company that helps coordinate food trucks for venues.

We have chosen to offer food trucks on various Wednesdays and Sundays from 5-8 pm. Keep in mind tucks may leave if business is slow or stay longer if it is busy.

Some will be on evenings we have other events planned to make a fun filled evening.

Trucks sign up to come to the pool so please check the link to find out what truck will be at the pool at any given time as new trucks will sign up throughout the summer.

If weather is not cooperating, they will post if they are not coming so again reference the link rather than calling the office.

Some food trucks are offering a feature that you can pre-order your food up to 72 hours in advance to ensure you food is ready when you arrive.