Virginia Vale Swim Club is a private, non-profit club with two membership categories. We are currently at capacity and are accepting applications for the waitlist.

Regular Members may be an individual or head of household. Any spouse, dependent children and dependent grandchildren residing in the same household of a regular member are part of that membership. Per the club bylaws, the number of regular members shall not exceed 375.

A senior member is defined as a member that has at least one individual head of household whose years of active pool membership in good standing, in addition to the age of that individual member, equals at least 79 (“Rule of 79”). A senior membership is limited to a maximum of two individuals (heads of household during regular membership term). An existing regular member must meet both age and membership years criteria to apply for senior membership. Senior members must pay full guest fees for all guests, including family members still living with senior members. Dates of birth and membership information must be supplied by the member and approved by the Board of Directors.

Regarding senior membership, as in years past, the Board’s policy remains that senior membership age shall be determined by the start of the calendar year.