For the 2021 summer, VV is members only as a result of COVID.

Guest Policy

Members are welcome to bring guests to the pool during regular pool hours and for private after-hours parties. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. Members must check in with their guests at the front desk.

During regular hours, each member account is limited to 6 guests on the grounds at a time. If you wish to have more than 6 guests during regular hours, you must reserve the upper deck for a private party.

Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests are expected to follow the rules and regulations of Virginia Vale. Membership privileges may be revoked if the Board determines that any guest violates club rules.

Guest Fees

Guests must check in at the front desk and fees must be paid prior to entry (cash, check or online credits).

For safety and security, all guests will be required to check in with their full name at the front desk

• Guest Fees (ages 2 and up) – $5/day
• Online guest passes – 5 passes for $20

Guest passes are available for purchase online in “books” of 5 for $20 throughout the season. To purchase guest passes, you must be logged in as a member, then go to Payments under the Membership tab in the top navigation. Guest passes carry over from one season to the next.

The full guest fee will be charged to any person regardless of time or what activity is being used. The only exceptions are: (1) during meets, (2) for pick up or drop off of members or other guests, and (3) during private after-hour parties.


For an annual $30 administrative fee per nanny/sitter, families may designate up to two nannies/sitters who may use the club at no additional cost while they are supervising children of the designating member family at the club. These individuals must have a current photo on file and must check in at the front desk with the children when they enter the club. Nannies/sitters do not have member privileges.

Nannies/sitters not designated on a member account will be charged the regular guest rate when they are supervising a member child/ren at the club. They must check in (and pay) at the front desk with the children they are supervising when they enter the club.