Dive Team

The Virginia Vale Dive Team has a long history of success with highly motivated coaches, great parent volunteers and dedicated divers of all levels.

Registration must be completed and payment submitted online prior to any child getting into the pool for practice or any other team activity.

Team communications including coaches’ contact information can be found on the Membership and Teams Communication page under the Membership Tab of the website. Note that you must be logged in as a member to access this page.

Pre-Season Practice –

Cancelled for 2020 season due to health regulations due to Covid-19

Summer Practice Times

Monday –  Sunday

6am-9:30am – age groups and practice times for each diver is TBD based on registration

Our goal is go have each diver have practice twice a week initially.  This can be reevaluated if the health guidelines change.

Metro League Rules

Since there are no dive meets scheduled or anticipated, the age of the diver will not be cut off on May 15th this year.

DIVE INSURANCE: All divers must be a registered member of AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). Membership provides insurance coverage for our divers.  The cost is $14/diver.  We have incorporated this cost into the team registration and will register all of our divers together.

Congratulations 2019 Metro League Dive Champions!

2020 Meets

All dual meets have been cancelled for the 2020 season.  Based on regulations, we may be able to organize an exhibition meet in some capacity later in the season.  To be determined based on government health and safety guidelines issued.

Team Social Events

  • Social events have been cancelled at this time for the 2020 season.  We will evaluate if there are opportunities to put something together as the season/summer goes on.  These decisions will be based on Government safety guidelines.

2020 Dive Coaches

Kenzie Weed – mckenzie.weed@colorado.edu

Campbell Patteson – epatteson20@kentdenver.org

Campbell, has been diving competitively since she was 6 years old. She is a two time USA Diving Regional Champion and is the current CHSAA Tri-Peaks League Champion. Campbell has been coached by some of the best coaches in the country and is looking forward to passing along her knowledge to the Virginia Vale Dolphin divers.

Competition Requirements

Age Group Dual Meets 1.0 Dives Championships 1.0 Dives
8 & Under 3 dives, 2 groups 2 4 dives, 2 groups 2
9-10 4 dives, 2 groups 2 5 dives, 2 groups 2
11-12 5 dives, 3 groups 1 6 dives, 3 groups 2
13-14 6 dives, 4 groups 1 8 dives, 4 groups 1
15-18 6 dives, 4 groups 0 8 dives, 4 groups 0